• Is it the past?  Is it the future?  Or is it a dream?
    Lost In The Dream
    Price On Request
  • A road bathed in golden glow.  The long road to Ardnarmuchan promises adventures and sanctuary.
    The Sun-Kissed Road (to Ardnarmurchan)
    Price On Request
  • On the cobbled road of broken dreams, the brief euphoria of night out ends.  Or is the comeback about to kick in?
    Lipstick & The MG
    Price On Request
  • Weaver journeys through the brooding magnificence of Glencoe.  

    (Image shot for fashion designer Betty Spoke and features model Ada Konkolska).
    Passing Through Glencoe
    Price On Request
  • An atmospheric moment amidst high winds in Caithness looking across to the counties highest mountain, Morven.
    Price On Request
  • Residents of The Highlands seek a safe journey through the mountains. First winds of the Beast from the East storms of 2018 shudder.
    Journey Through Glen Etive
    Price On Request
  • The power of nature breathes in and out on a blustery day on Luskentyre Beach in the far flung reaches of The Outer Hebrides.
    Waves of Luskentyre
    Price On Request
  • Amidst the flow country of Caithness, we reflect on the question: What is reality? Is this real? Is it all an lllusion?
    Illusions of Reality
    Price On Request
  • Celestial bodies above move oceans back and forth, The Keeper of The Tide counts the seconds to High Tide.
    The Keeper of The Tide
    Price On Request
  • Looking to what was. The sweet symphony of life. A new song ready to begin.

    (Image captured at Queens Park, Glasgow, and features Francesca Flynn)
    Lady in The Rain
    Price On Request
  • Winter dusk descends, The Watcher keeps a lookout for Ghosts of the Ages. Glencoe.
    The Watcher of Glencoe
    Price On Request
  • Is the past leaving or is the future arriving? A new life awaits.
    Lady & The Last Train
    Price On Request
  • Whilst wondering the future, heavenly light appears over Loch Leven one atmospheric afternoon in autumn.  Wonderment.

    (Image captured at The Onich Hotel in the Highlands and features Highland artist Claire Innes).
    Price On Request
  • The drama of magical autumn afternoon sunshine cutting through the blustery haze in the otherworldy realms of Dunbeath Castle, Caithness.
    Castle on the Cliffs
    Price On Request
  • Travel along the open road of life. Stop. Look. Listen. Continue. Afresh. Be free.

    (Image shot for fashion designer Betty Spoke and features model Ada Konkolsk)
    Price On Request
  • Beacons of hope and social change, Glasgow’s iconic Red Road Flats breathe their last and go out with a bang.
    End of the Red Road Flats
    Price On Request
  • Midnight moonlight magic witnessed from a top floor tenement flat.  Shawland during the blizzards, February 2018.
    Sleeping City
    Price On Request
  • A magical streetlamp dims the sun in the deserted promenade of Prestwick.
    Streetlamp Sunset
    Price On Request
  • Journey to The Edge of The Outer Hebrides and witness scintillating sunsets over the Atlantic from the remote paradise of Uig Sands.
    Free Spirit
    Price On Request
  • Harnessing the power of Mother Nature, She appears just before Sundown.

    (Image captured at Prestwick Beach and features Francesca Flynn.)
    Sunset Goddess
    Price On Request
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